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Manning Builders is dedicated to building astonishing, energy-efficient, and cost-efficient homes. Our goal is to put you in the home of your dreams in a timely manner. In order to accomplish that goal we've designed a process that is easy, manageable, and designed to put you, the homeowner, in the driver seat of customizing the home of your dreams. We build a quality product, looking for ways to save you, the customer, money. Home


Don't spend another moment trying to determine whether you can finance a new home, simply contact Manning Builders and let us show you the way. Through one of our recommended banks/lenders (Citizen National, Vintage, Bank of America, First Horizon Home Loans) or one-time closing, you will begin your journey of building your home.

Cost Analysis:
Once pre-approved, we will advise you through a contract on what you will be able to afford. This will give you a realistic picture of the size home you can begin building while staying in your budget. (On average, we build at a competitive rate of $75-100 per square foot.)

Plans & Lot:
Once your cost analysis has been completed and signed, we will work with you to purchase a lot to build your home on. Manning Builders will connect you with a reputable realtor to make sure that you are able to purchase the best available lot that is conducive to your desired location. We will then direct you to one of our architects to develop a master site plan that is accurate to what you envision as your home. The plan will serve as the blueprint as we begin to build.

Selecting Amenities:
As we're building away on your home, you'll have the privilege of selecting all of the amenities that you desire to go into your home. From faucets to ceiling fans from brick and paint colors, you will have total control in deciding what goes outside and inside your customized home. See Housing Options Request Form

Walk Through
The final stage before moving into your customized home is to perform a final walk through with Manning Builders to ensure that everything is to your liking. Any final adjustments will be made at this time. Once completed …"Welcome to your Manning Builders Customized Home".